Get to Know Your Home Builder


Crest Builders is a general contracting company specializing in new construction and major renovation of custom homes in Coastal Orange County.

Enduring legacy
A custom home is an investment that must last beyond the generation who built it. We use superior building material to create a legacy home that can stand the test of time both in quality and style.

Highly experienced team
Our team members and consultants have built some of the most sought-after custom homes in Coastal Orange County for the last four decades.

Seamless process
The process of constructing your custom home must be a pleasant experience for you. From pre-construction all the way to project closeout, we use a variety of construction management’s best practices to create one of the most seamless home-building experiences any home builder can offer.

Construction management’s best practices
Constant quality control during construction ensures that the final product is of impeccable quality.  We provide accurate cost estimates and stay within the budget. Our time management system starts with creating a detailed and realistic construction schedule and continues with constant monitoring of the process and holding construction team members accountable.


Faraz Tajik is an engineer and a general contractor with more than 15 years of experience in building custom homes. From new construction to major renovations, he has built a diverse portfolio of high-end homes in some of the most desirable neighborhoods of Orange County.

He is a second-generation home builder, continuing a family legacy that was founded more than forty years ago. He started his career managing the ground-up construction of one of the most luxurious legacy custom homes built to date in Newport Coast. He has witnessed first-hand the value of trust and professionalism in establishing lasting relationships with his clients.


Superior Quality

We build your custom home to stand the test of time not only because it is built with high-quality building material, but also because it is superior in design, engineering, and style.


Managing Time and Budget

We take our commitment to complete your construction project on time and on budget very seriously. We prepare realistic yet competitive schedules of time and budget during the pre-construction phase and execute on them to ensure your construction project stays on track all the way through the end.


Accountability and After Care

Our relationship with you may begin at the start of your construction project, but it does not end with the completion of your home. We stand behind what we build long after you move in with our warranty and maintenance program.