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Construction: Custom home construction phase

Construction phase: The Crest Builders difference

The home construction phase is the most important stage of the construction process, during which your home is being built. At Crest Builders, we have a defined construction management process in place. We designed this process to ensure that we manage every aspect of your home construction phase effectively and efficiently.

The Importance of Construction Management Plan

A professional construction management plan is key to building a successful custom home. That’s why we have a detailed construction management plan that outlines every aspect of the home construction process. Our plan includes following a dynamic schedule of time and budget. In this plan, we define the process of selecting and managing subcontractors. Additionally, we cover the responsibilities of every team member, including subcontractors and project supervisors. How to handle unexpected events, safety measures, RFIs, and communications are all parts of our management plan.

Time Management

Time management is an area in which many contractors have serious problems. At Crest Builders, we understand that time management is key to successful home building. Therefore, we prepare a critical path schedule for your project during the pre-construction phase. This helps us anticipate future events and enables us to schedule labor and materials in advance to avoid delays. We work diligently to keep your project on schedule, using the latest technology and processes to manage our projects and ensure that we meet our deadlines.

Cost Management

Cost management is another weak link in many home building projects. Going over the budget is a serious issue that affects the timeline and puts a strain on a project. Building a custom home is a significant investment. Therefore, we strive to be as detailed and accurate as possible in our cost estimating. Keeping your project on track financially is a commitment we take very seriously. We work with you to establish a budget that meets your needs and expectations during the pre-construction phase. After that, we ensure that we stick to that budget throughout the home construction process.

Superior Craftsmanship

At Crest Builders, we build every home with superior craftsmanship. That’s why we use only the best materials and work with the most talented craftsmen to build your dream home. Our team of professionals takes pride in their work and is committed to ensuring that your home is constructed to the highest standards.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Quality control and quality assurance are essential parts of custom home building. At Crest Builders, we are committed to building homes of the highest quality. Our team inspects every aspect of the work as it happens. We make sure that workmanship, from the foundation to the finishing touches, meets our high standards. In addition to quality control measures, we also have a quality assurance program in place. This program ensures that you are completely satisfied with the result. We won’t rest until your vision of a dream home is realized and every detail is taken care of.

Competent Subcontractors

We also work with competent subcontractors and construct every aspect of your home with the highest standards. Over the years, we have developed relationships with the best subcontractors in the area. They know that we expect the best from them in every project. We are also able to receive competitive prices for our clients because of our ongoing stream of projects.

Effective Communication

We believe that effective communication is key to a successful construction project. That’s why we work with you to establish clear lines of communication throughout the construction process. We keep you informed during the project and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving capabilities is an inherent part of any custom home-building organization. A construction site is a dynamic environment that requires you to think on your feet. At Crest Builders, we understand that every construction project comes with its own unique challenges. That’s why we are proactive in terms of critical thinking and problem-solving. We are always thinking ahead.

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