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Crest Builders is a leading custom home builder in Orange County. We are inspired to build exceptional and personalized custom homes for our clients. Are you planning to build a new custom home on your land? Are you thinking about remodeling your existing home? Or maybe you are wondering if you should build an addition to your home? No matter how you are planning to achieve your ideal custom-built home, Crest Builders is here to help you. Contact us today for a free consultation session and to learn more about our construction process.

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Faraz Tajik, Home Builder, Newport Beach, California

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Faraz Tajik is an experienced custom home builder who has been exclusively building homes in Orange County for nearly two decades. He has a keen attention to detail and is dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship on every project. With his responsive approach to client needs, he ensures that clients are informed and involved throughout the building process. Moreover, Faraz believes in efficient and effective construction management to ensure timely and cost-effective project completion. As a result, he has a proven record of delivering exceptional results. And he has built a strong reputation as a trusted and reliable custom home builder in the community. Book a meeting with Faraz today to discuss your project goals.

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Our Approach


The pre-construction stage is critical for building custom homes or undertaking major home remodeling projects. It’s during this stage that you plan, prepares, and make important decisions about your construction project. We understand the significance of pre-construction and offer comprehensive services to ensure the success of your home-building project.

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At Crest Builders, we understand that the construction of a custom home is a significant investment for our clients. Therefore, we have developed a defined construction management plan that ensures your resources are managed efficiently and professionally. We have years of experience building many challenging and luxurious custom homes in the area. And we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards in the industry in terms of quality, time, and cost management.

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Our post-construction services ensures that our custom home clients receive ongoing support, maintenance, and aftercare for their homes. At Crest builders, we believe that our partnership with our clients does not end with completion of their homes. Therefore, we designed a maintenance program to keep our client’s homes performing at their best. We provide seasonal and annual inspections as needed to provide our clients with peace of mind. So that they can enjoy their new homes without worrying about unexpected repairs or maintenance issues.

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