Faraz Tajik, Home Builder, Newport Beach, CA

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An Experienced Custom Home Builder

Faraz is a home builder with almost two decades of experience constructing luxury custom homes in Orange County. As a general contractor, he focuses on building new custom homes and major home renovations. Moreover, he has an extensive portfolio of custom-built dream homes in highly desirable communities in the area.

Customer Service

Faraz has a strong foundation in the technical aspects of home building. He carries on his family’s legacy that began 50 years ago. Moreover, exceptional customer service and satisfaction are one of his priorities. Faraz offers support and assistance throughout the home-building process to ensure their project is delivered as planned.

Attention to Time Management and Cost-Effectiveness

His strong attention to time management ensures that his custom homes are completed within the predetermined time frame. In addition, his focus on cost-effectiveness helps clients save money while maintaining high standards of quality. His experience and proactive approach anticipate potential issues before they happen and prevent them from becoming problems.

Trust in the Quality and Craftsmanship of Your Custom Home

Choosing Faraz as your custom home builder ensures the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Faraz has the knowledge and expertise to help you realize your vision of your dream custom home. You can trust excellent customer service throughout the building process and a strong aftercare and maintenance program for your home after you move in.

Professionalism and Passion for Exceptional Home

Faraz is a professional with a passion for delivering exceptional homes. He has a reputation for quality, time management, cost-effectiveness, and customer service. Faraz is the right choice for anyone looking to build their dream custom home in Orange County.


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